Tuesday, December 8, 2009

dvds woodcarving projects available

all dvd come with a pattern or patterns per dvd sold

1.... pumpkin, pumpkin bottle stopper , and cat ( 3 PROJECTS ON ONE DISC)10.00

2.... hobo santa and snowman called friends ( 1 project on one disc ) 10.00

3.... santa pants and boot, and mini santa with a tree ( 2 projects on one disc)10.00
4 ....ruddy duck and mouse ( two projects on one disc)10.00
5.... black lab puppy ( one project on one dvd) 10.00
6.... pilgrim ( one project on one dvd) 10.00
7.... helping friends, hobo santa and snowman carrying a tree(1 project on one dvd)10.00
8... #2 robe santa, snowman ( 2 projects on one dvd ) 10.00
9 .... flying dove , flying dove ornament, santa with a bear ( 3 projects on one dvd) 10.00
10... chickadee (1 project on one disc )10.00
11... hobo snowman with a tree ornament, pineapple, pineapple ornament, ( 3 projects
on one dvd)10.00
12.... hobo angel , and hobo angel ornament ( 2 projects on one dvd) 10.00
13 ... turkey and lucky ducky ( 2 projects on one dvd) 10.00
14...santa boot and hobo santa face relief ornaments . 2 projects on one dvd 10.00
15...hobo santa with a tree ( deep relief) 1 project on one dvd 10.00
will list more to come thanks , arleen
16 ... chimney santa 1 project one dvd 10.00
17 ... for the new woodcarver, beginners, wooden shoe project and sharpening, and tips 10.00
( this beginners is 10.00 free shipping in the usa and canada) 1 project one dvd
18... amish guy and a pig, ( two projects ) one dvd 10.00
19... eagle letter opener , eagle name tag pin ( two projects ) one dvd 10.00
20.... amish gal and rabbit ( two projects ) one dvd 10.00
21....leprechaun......( one project) one dvd 10.00
22....american eagle ( one project) one dvd 10.00
23....easter baby chick. bear with a heart.. ( two projects ) one dvd 10.00
24... chipmunk & pansy flower pin .. ( two projects) one dvd 10.00
25....hobo graduate ( one project) one dvd 10.00
26....branch guy ( mountain man & santa) two projects ... one dvd 10.00
27....duck's first plunge ( one project ) one dvd .... 10.00
28.... morning santa ( one project) one dvd..... 10.00
29 coming soon,,, eagle flag branch ornament & tree bear.ornament two projects) one ........dvd..10.00

all are 10.00 per dvd and free shipping in the usa and canada only, ( prices subject to change )
paypal or cks accepted,
please send ck to
arleen zomer
226 hill rd
honey brook pa 19344

or use the easy buy it now button from paypal and fill in description and amount , thank you

Saturday, November 28, 2009

some santa's listed on ebay but.....if you want to purchase it ?

i have listed some of my santas on ebay, if they are sold there i put the word sold in front of the title, if you see it here and its listed on ebay , and you want it i will stop the sale if no one had bid on it, if someone has bid on it i can not stop the sale, just email me as soon as you can to see if i can stop the sale or please go to ebay and bid on it, my seller name is carverswoodshop, thanks arleen

Friday, November 20, 2009

about my pocket knife , a special rough rider

update. 10 24 10

sorry folks i am no longer resharpening the blades ,, due to liability its fine if you want to purchase and resharpen,,, they are still available if you interested in one,, thanks for stopping by

i was told from my supplier that i would have some more coming in about a week are 10days, the cost is 17.00 if you want to sharpen it or 34.00 if i sharpen it, shipping is free in the usa and canada
also if you order it, i will put you on a waiting list, when it becomes available you will get an email , just state which one you want the 17.00 unsharpen or 34 sharpen
also these knives are not recommended for the beginner , they are NOT A LOCK BLADE and they can collapse when using them if your are not careful,,, you must be 18 of age to purchase this knife, also use extreme care when opening and closing this knife, ( this is the time i mostly cut myself with is knife is closing it,
this is a three blade knife,
thanks , arleen

hi folks , i had three pocket knives that i bought , and i tried alot of the rough riders , i found one that had three blades that worked well for woodcarving, and i love the knife , all three were sold , i am trying to get more ,,, the blades i found worked the best is hard to fine, i did put in an order to the supplier and he told me two to three months before i see this one again,,, so i will keep looking for the same blades, combo ,,, i resharpen them , or you can yourself, i will keep you informed when i have more available, it take a bit to get them sharpen but once you do , its a great pocket knife to take with you if you travel, and the blade holds up great, took me a while to find the right rough rider,

Sunday, November 15, 2009

dvd how to carve a chickadee by arleen zomer 20.00

hi folks, i have a dvd for sale that has 22 clips how to carve a chickadee. it will show you from the start with a pattern and a list of items you will need to complete this project, please email me if you are going to send a check or you may pay it by paypal, total is 20.00 free shipping in the USA, and canada only sorry not to europe it will work in a portable dvd player and also on your computer windows media player, thanks, arleen

an easy pay it now button, just fill in description and total amount , thank you

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